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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
Osynlig ruta för layoutanpassning

Osynlig ruta för layoutanpassning
For how long has PRIS existed?

We started the network as a mailing list at the turn of the year 2006/2007. After a lot of planning and compromising we became official through this homepage in april, 2007.

Can anyone who's in the sex industry become a member of PRIS?

No, the network is only open to persons who are, or have been, active as prostitutes, porn models, stippers, phonesex workers, erotic masseuses, pro-dominas and similar. PRIS is not open for those who make profit on others' so called "sex work". This excludes groups such as pimps, madames, sex club owners, porn shop assistants and porno directors.

Wouldn't it be better to legalize prostitution?

The prostitution, that is the selling of sex, can not be legalized since it already is legal. What could be legalized is the buying of sex and pimping. This would obviously be very good for those who are criminalized by these laws. Hence, a struggle for this would rather be a task for a network for sexbuyers' revenge in society.

But wouldn't it be better also for prostitutes if you legalize sex buying and pimping?

Sure it would have been easier for those who feel that they want to stay in prostitution. The law against pimping is a noticeable hindrance for those wishing to market themselves and rent a place to transact the prostitution. But the very same policies that complicate the prostitution for this group, also protects women from being drawn into prostitution. Professional analysts, for example the investigators at National Criminal Police (NCP) also regard these policies to have an inhibitory effect on trafficking. And it promotes gender equality in several ways.

PRIS is not an organisation for "sex workers rights". Even for those of us who still remain, and wants to remain, in the sex industry, it's more important to consider the less privileged women.

What about the artwork on this webpage?

The artworks are made by Sidsel Bryde, who is a member of PRIS. If you click on the small pictures you can enlarge them.