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I'm waiting in the bar
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The evaluation of the Swedish law

Read a Summary at the Government's homepage.
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"Selected extracts"

Here you can read selected extracts of the evaluation of the Swedish law on prostitution (pdf).
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A Response

to the Evaluation of the Swedish law on prostitution.

Welcome to the PRIS homepage!
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PRIS – Prostitutes' Revenge In Society – is a network for persons with experience from the sex industry. All members have experience in areas such as prostitution, stripping and other parts of the sex industry. Some are still active, others have left. We do not admit members without experience from the sex industry.

The network has three main purposes:

The first purpose is to support. We want to be a support group to each other and for those who have similar experiences.

The second purpose is to educate and inform. We want, from the basis of our knowledge and experiences, to raise awareness of the sex industry and it's negative effects. We also want to be a resource for those who seek information in this area.

The third purpose is to change. We want to improve services for people who want to get out of prostitution and of the sex industry.
(Read more about our goals.)

We have different points of view and opinions on some issues. What joins us together is that we realize that the sex business is an issue that concerns the whole socity. In other words it does not only concern us but also affects gender relations in the rest of society. Therefore we do not promote any legalisation of buying sex or pimping, and of course, neither any criminalisation of the selling of sex.

Apart from PRIS, which represents women with experience in the sex industry, we have also started a broader support network that welcomes sympathizers who share our ideals, namely Friends of PRIS (in Swedish: PRIS Vänner).

If you want to join PRIS, or PRIS Vänner, or have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Friendly greetings!
The founders of PRIS

Emma, Louise, Maria and Nina

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